Participants Profile

Fejzullah Hasani Supreme Court President Kosovo1
Nehat Idrizi President Judicial Council Kosovo Kosovo1
Muhamet Rexha Judge Supreme Court Kosovo1
Ymer Hoxha President Basic Court Prizren Kosovo1
Vesna Medenica Supreme Court President Montenegro
Hasnija Simonovic Judge of the Supreme Court Montenegro
Rada Kovacevic Judge of the Supreme Court Montenegro
Miras Radovic Judge of the Supreme Court Montenegro
Natasa Bozovic Judge of the Supreme Court Montenegro
Mirjana Bobicic Advisor to the President Montenegro
Charalambos Macheras Supreme Court Judge Greece
Xhezair Zaganjori Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Albania Albania
Miran Kopani Cabinet Advisor of the Chief Justice Albania
Salih Murati Judge of the Supreme Court Macedonia
Elena Goşeva President of the Constitutional Court Macedonia
İsmail Rüştü Cirit First President of the Court of Cassation Turkey
Zerrin Güngör Solicitor General Turkey
Doç. Dr. Recai AKYEL Comptroller General Turkey
Tuğamiral Ahmet Zeki Liman President of Military Court of Cassation Turkey
Hakim Tümgeneral Abdullah Arslan President of Military High Administrative Court Turkey

1 Kosovo shall be understood to be in the context of Security Council Resolution1244 (1999)