International Summit of High Courts, 1-3 November 2010 / Istanbul

The International Summit of the High Courts will take place in Istanbul, Turkey on 1-3 November 2010. The event is coorganized by the Presidency of the Court of Cassation in Turkey and UNDP Turkey.

Turkey has embarked on a comprehensive judicial reform process in the recent years to, inter alia, review and streamline the basic principles and procedures for positioning of the high judiciary; transparency and accountability; judicial independence and impartiality; recruitment and appointment; and relationships of the judiciary with other state organs and institutions. In the process, the judiciary in Turkey has come across complex challenges especially in the wake of restructuring the judicial system and strengthening the capacity of its institutions.

UNDP Turkey, in view of its global experience and technical expertise, has been associated with this endeavour through a series of projects on access to justice and strengthening the rule of law. The strong partnership between UNDP and the Court of Cassation in Turkey started in late 2009 with the aim of improving the institutional and administrative capacity of the high courts in Turkey to conform to the international standards. The International Summit of the High Courts is a part of this effort and is intended to contribute to the on-going reform initiatives and serve as a platform for sharing knowledge, experiences and best practices, inter alia, on the functioning of the higher courts around the world.

The Summit will host the participation of chief justices of 19 countries including Sweden, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom, Russia, Argentina, Indonesia, Pakistan, Poland, Belarus and Egypt as well as high level representatives of the international community such as the Special Rapporteur of the UN Secretary General on the Independence of Judges and Lawyers, the European Commission for Efficiency of the Justice (CEPEJ), the Consultative Council of European Prosecutors (CCEJ) and the Consultative Council of European Judges (CCEJ).